We carefully select our ingredients. We use as much wholesome grains and flours as possible and we prepare most of our doughs by natural leavening. We do not use additives or preservatives - in this traditional way of baking it is not necessary. The strong European tradition of bakers as craftsmen has found a strong place in the heart of Thuet Bakery as masters pass down their skills to apprentices over years of hands-on experience. The breads you enjoy are a product of slow fermentation, hand shaping and a three-night leavening process.

Some of our retail & restaurant clients:

Air Canada Centre
Bar Begonia
Belfast Love
Bodega Henriette
Brooklyn Tavern
Cactus Club
Cafe Boulud
Cheese Boutique
Chef's House
CN Tower
County General
Delight Chocolate
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Four Seasons
Good Neighbour
Her Father's Cider
Kasa Moto
King Edward Hotel
Kitson & Co
La Bamboche
La Coquine
La Societe
Little Fin
Mangia et Bevi
Mildred Temple Kitchen
Nota Bene
PG Clucks
Porchetta and Co
Rose and Sons
Rosedale Diner
Rosedale Pantry
Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Stasis Local Foods
The Chase
Soho House
Tempered Room
Victoria Whole Foods
When The Pig Came Home
Wildly Delicious

Our breads are baked daily and delivered fresh, seven days a week in Toronto.

Email office@thuet.ca for more information